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Bluegrass Bath & Candle Company

Wax Melts

Wax Melts

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***There are 6 melts in each container, totaling approximately 2.5 ounces.***

Lemon Pound Cake: 

Treat yourself to the sweet, comforting aroma of freshly baked lemon poundcake with these unique wax melts.  Breathe in the warm scent of buttery, sugary vanilla, and tart lemon notes. These wax melts is perfect for anyone who loves the classic aromas of homemade desserts. Its comforting, inviting scent will make any room feel like home. Let the delicious scent of lemon poundcake fill your home and give your space a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Day At The Track: 

These wax melts have a rich and soothing scent that is sure to make you feel at home. The aroma of bourbon creates a warm and woody base, while the sweet notes of tobacco bring a hint of sweetness. A touch of vanilla rounds out the scent, adding a subtle creaminess that lingers in the background. The perfect combination of these three scents creates an inviting atmosphere that will make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

 Hickory & Suede:

The Comforting Scent of a Bergamot, Cypress and Sandalwood.   The combination of these three scents creates a unique, comforting aroma that's perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. 

Floral Fantasy:

Our soft white jasmine wax melts are a delight to the senses. The tranquil scent of jasmine, combined with the sweet, citrus scent of neroli, is perfect for creating a peaceful ambiance in any room. The floral notes of these melts will bring a graceful and romantic atmosphere to your home. Whether it’s used in a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or any other space, these melts will fill the air with a beautiful aroma. 

Sea Salt & Orchid

These wax melts brings forth the scent of the sea and its inviting warmth, along with sweet notes of jasmine and green leaves. The bright aroma of lily of the valley and woodsy tones of tonka bean blend together to create a feeling of soothing comfort. The saltiness of the sea, blended with the floral notes, create a calming atmosphere that will refresh and invigorate. 

Clean Laundry

These wax melts have a captivating scent that brings to mind the fresh warmth of a summer day. The delicate citrus aroma of lemon is the first to greet your senses, followed by a subtle musk that adds a hint of spice. Layered over these two scents is a delicate green floral, reminiscent of freshly cut linen. This complex combination of fragrances creates a truly unique aroma that is sure to make a statement in any home.

Earl Grey...Hot

These wax melts have a warm and inviting blend of scents that will make you feel at home. The top notes of bergamot and lime bring a fresh citrus scent to the mix. Then the heart notes of Earl Grey tea leaves, cucumber, and beeswax give off a subtle and earthy aroma. Finally, the base provides a soothing warmth with touches of amber and musk. It is the perfect scent to give your home a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Vanilla & Sandalwood

This fragrance is a unique blend of creamy vanilla and earthy Indian sandalwood. Rich, luscious vanilla envelops the senses with a tantalizing sweetness that is balanced with a grounding earthiness from the sandalwood. The combination of these two notes creates a timeless and decadent aroma that is sure to fill a room with its comforting scent. 

Tropical Fruit Candy

The nostalgic scent of these wax melts are light and inviting. The top notes are a refreshing mix of lemon, lime, and citrus, giving off a tart yet sweet smell. The middle notes of cereal, milk, and orange blend together seamlessly, evoking memories of childhood breakfasts of your favorite fruity cereal. Finally, the base notes of vanilla and sandalwood give the scent a warm and comforting finish, like a hug from a loved one.

Beach Day

The perfect blend of citrus and tropical fruit, these wax melts offer a delightful scent. The top notes of lime and mango bring a tart and juicy aroma to the air. As the melt warms, the middle notes of coconut and pineapple come out, adding a sweet and creamy scent. Finally, the base notes of coconut milk, tonka bean, and cream provide a comforting and calming finish. 

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